The Good Guy Guide

By Suzanne Marie Punc Always give your lady compliments. This allows her to be more positive in conversation and in mood towards you when she directs her attention to you  Not just meaningless compliments, but specific ones, like complimenting on her eyes and her smile, Women love that! Be sincere while complimenting your lady. Be […]

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God’s Way or Society’s Way

By Zaina Starr The opposite of what the world believes is true. The world says, protect yourself at all costs. God says, put someone else first and let me protect you. The world says, it’s your right to take revenge. God says, revenge hurts your heart. Let me take care of it. The world says, […]

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Lily of the Valley

By Zaina Starr Psalm 103:15 “The life of mortals is like grass, they flourish like a flower of the field.” What is the Lily of the Valley? There are several meanings. It is mentioned fifteen times in fifteen different versus in the bible. It’s mentioned eight times in Song of Songs. Lily of the Valley […]

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A Quote to Live By

By Zaina Starr ” I want you, don’t worry about who wants me.” A quote I try to live by and like to share with the ones who are special to me. The ones I share my life with. This is how I make the ones I care about feel special. They are the special […]

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Fake Friends

By Zaina Starr People who do nothing but play with your head and emotion. Seems that here lately is all that I attract. I can only learn from this and decide to not socialize with anyone anymore. People that I have grown to have mad love for only turned out to be someone I should […]

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The Betrayed, the Loyal One

By Zaina Starr They betrayed the loyal one. Staying loyal throughout the whole relationship was the key, the goal, respect. What is expected of anyone in any relationship. That was me. Loyal I stayed, yet to be deceived and betrayed by the person I had developed a relationship with. The respect was not there. The […]

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Three Pet Peeves

By Zaina Starr Everyone has their own personal opinions on what they perceive their own pet peeves to be. Pet peeves are things that we can’t deal with. These things irritate us, make us sad, or change our emotions and happiness to be negative. All of us have our reasons on why these things are […]

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