Game Over

By Zaina Starr “Where ever you are, be all there.”- Jim Elliot Life gets hard. It’s not meant to be easy. It reminds me of an old curvy country gravel road. It shakes you up along the way while you navigate your way to be prepared for every sharp turn.  Once we have mastered that […]

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By Zaina Starr Discovering your partner is having an affair is heartbreaking. It leaves scars. Scars never heal. Someone who cannot be with one person for the rest of their life does not need a partner. I love very deeply and the person I call my partner is my best friend. We don’t keep secrets […]

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Why Our Heart’s Get Broken

By Zaina Starr Has anyone ever sat and asked, “Why do our hearts get broken?” I believe that has run across everyone’s mind. My personal experience on this topic is quite remarkable . I should be a bitter, hateful person to all and any man, but I’m quite the opposite. I always look for the […]

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“Mansplaining” by Suzanne Marie Punch, aka “Zaina Starr “The worst part of mansplaining is that when you’re busy telling a woman all about her business, you’re missing out on the opportunity to learn something from her. -Shaunta Grimes, Medium An Urgent Message for Mansplainers Everywhere Mansplaining, what all men are highly intelligent at.  Telling […]

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Round And Round

By Zaina Starr “We go back and forth between second thoughts and second chances.” -Poem Heaven, Twitter Our second thoughts are the second chances. That is all it should ever be, is second thoughts. There should never be second chances with an ex spouse. No one should never go backwards. Always learn to move forward. […]

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By Zaina Starr “Sometimes people are beautiful, not in looks, not in what they say, just in what they are.” There are many people that society can count on that still demonstrate those random actions of kindness. Those people are chained to the melody of paying it forward. That’s the true greatness of being a […]

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Tell the Truth

By Zaina Starr “Let us dare to write about those things we think but do not say, or avoid thinking about entirely.” When songs are played, they move us to respond a certain way by the emotions they bring out of us. Those emotions are triggered by a memory we have attached to the song.  […]

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Just Walk Away

By Zaina Starr Sometimes the solution to a lot of our problems is easier than we think. Actually, it sounds easier, but for some of us, it’s the easiest things that are the hardest things. Just walk away! We have all it before. Who were the ones to act upon this great piece of advice. […]

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Love Worse Than Drugs

I was used, abused, and mistreated by my son’s father. It caused me anxiety, depression, and isolation. He changed me. I would never be the person I once was. Overwhelmed with emotions, everyday was a struggle for me. Only negative comments to grow from. There was no growth. I lost everything. I worked. He didn’t. […]

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Experience Eternal Life

John 12:23-25 Jesus replied, ‘The hour has come for the son of man to be glorified. Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But it dies, it produces many seeds. Anyone who loves their life will lose it, while anyone […]

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Send Me Your Dick Pics

By Zaina Starr Send me your dick pick. Ha ha. Not. I’m really only kidding. If you have seen one dick pic, then you have seen them all. Plus there is this program called Adobe photoshop, that can do a picture wonders, let me tell you. I’ve seen things that I never knew existed. No […]

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Highly Awakened

By Zaina Starr “In grief, there is no stage called closure.” Have you ever wanted to know why someone  spoke of such crazy thoughts? Thoughts that most do you not understand, at that time, or brush it off, as simply “they’re confused and talking out of their head.” Anyone ever thought, “Where did those thoughts […]

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